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More air power with the most efficient blowers in the world, the Paxton PX-series blowers. Add custom-engineered air knives & manifolds for energy efficient drying, blow off and ionized air rinsing. All backed by Paxton's 3 year blower warranty. ROIs often < 1 year.

High Efficiency Centrifugal Blowers, Air Knives & Manifolds for Drying, BlowOff & Rinsing

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Full three year warranty on all Paxton Blowers. 100% Performance Guarantee for Air Delivery Systems designed by Paxton for drying & blow off applications.

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Contact Paxton at 1-800-441-7475 or for service, support and parts.

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All Paxton Air Delivery Systems are custom-engineered for performance.

10125 Carver Road
Cincinnati, OH 45242
United States
Paxton Products manufactures high efficiency centrifugal blowers and custom-engineered air delivery devices, used for drying, blow off and air rinsing, to improve product quality through better labeling, marking & coding, and converting. Centrifugal Blowers by Paxton are highly efficient, providing 150 - 1500 cfm of air at pressures of 30 - 100 inches of water. Available in sizes from 3 - 20 hp, all Paxton blowers carry a full three year warranty. The new PX-series blowers achieve efficiencies up to 80%, generating more air power per horsepower than any other blower on the market. Air Delivery Devices are custom-engineered to maximize drying and blow off of products or surfaces. From an air knife design to air manifolds to air halos that encircle the product to individual nozzles, we'll configure what's needed for your application. The Power Dry Drying System is a pre-configured drying system, originally designed for date coding applications, but now setting the standard for a complete Air System that can be used for drying and blow off for a wide variety of cans, bottles and jars. Paxton's Ionized Air System efficiently removes particulates, dust and contaminants using powerful ionization coupled with Paxton's blowers and air delivery devices. Ionizing air systems provide static control and static elimination, so that dirt and dust do not adhere to surfaces. The Ionized Air System has been configured for a variety of applications: 1. Bottle Rinsing, for glass or PET bottles and jars, high speed and low speed lines, including the hard to clean narrow mouth PET and 2 liter bottles. 2. Can Rinsing, for both high speed and low speed lines. 3. Dust and debris removal prior to coating or packaging, using static control and eliminations. 4. Removal of dust, debris, cuttings or shavings prior to rolling or packaging.
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