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Industry leader of quality, custom industrial labeling systems and label applicator machines. Each labeler is designed and engineered for reliablity and ease of use for years. Versatility of our equipment allows you to use our labelers in a variety of applicaitons.

Labeing equipment for the packaging industry.

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Ft. Worth, Texas 17349
EPI, a ProMach product brand has been designing and engineering labelers for reliability and ease of use for more than 36 years. We take the time to understand each application and listen to our customers’ needs. Let us show you how Precise Thinking and Simple Design can help you. Precise Thinking Simple Design Simple - Precise – Durable. These words have defined our labeling equipment since our inception in 1980. EPI labelers are used in a wide variety of industries from food packaged in flexible material to warehouse case labeling. Our equipment integrates with a wide variety of packaging equipment, is easy to operate and will give you years of dependable service. Reliable EPI labelers are built to stand up to the daily use and harsh environments that come with the territory. Being constructed entirely of non-corrosive materials allows our labelers to work in dusty, wet and cold packaging operations with a minimum amount of maintenance required. Versatile Sure, EPI labelers are easy to set up and operate, but the versatility that is engineered into all our equipment allows you to use our labelers in a variety of applications. Whether your job calls for a non contact vacuum/blow, tamp or two panel application we can configure our labelers to meet your needs.