Zip Chain Actuator

U.S. Tsubaki’s electric linear Zip Chain Actuator is designed to provide high speeds and multi-point stopping in a compact footprint.

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A manufacturer of motion control products, Tsubaki’s Zip Chain Actuator® "zips" together specially segmented chain using a custom designed sprocket. This zipping action creates a rigid actuating arm for use in push-pull applications that require high speeds, long lifetimes, small footprints, and/or high precision.

Up to now, engineers have been limited to using pneumatic/hydraulic cylinders, or large, bulky screw-style electrical actuators. Tsubaki’s high speed electric actuator can replace pneumatic, hydraulic, and traditional electronic actuators. With higher speed, longer lifetime, multi-stop positioning, and efficient power transfer, all in a compact footprint, the actuator can revolutionize applications and make previously impractical applications possible.

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