Remote Assistance Augmented Reality Program

50% reduced downtime forecast for customers.

The Corrugating Machinery Division of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America (MHIA) launches its new Remote Assistance Augmented Reality Program as an enhancement to its customer service support. MHIA is a supplier of Corrugating and Box Making machinery.


The Remote Assistance Augmented Reality Program  is forecast to reduce customer downtime by 50%. It is designed to allow plant managers, technicians, and engineers to quickly and efficiently share issues in real-time from their facilities, allowing MHIA technical support staff to see and resolve machine issues and assist in troubleshooting. The program is meant to allow MHIA technical experts to draw and annotate on their device, text on the screen, and capture pictures or video for future reference.


Says Darrold Phillips, Vice President Service, MHIA Corrugating Machinery Division, “Through our intuitive app, we can see what the customer is seeing and more quickly resolve their challenges, speeding up recovery time and, frequently, eliminating the need for a time-consuming, on-site visit.” 


The Remote Assistance Augmented Reality Program was developed in conjunction with Scope AR, a provider of augmented reality systems and products for industrial clients focused around field maintenance, manufacturing, and training.

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