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Product Summary: Innovative Solutions with Engineered Plastics.
At Omni Technologies we are committed to providing high value solutions to industry leading OEM’s using engineered plastics. Equipment components molded in engineered plastics bring many benefits that allow you to achieve what others say cannot be done.
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North, Central, & South America. Europe, Middle East, Asia
Address:  779 Rudolph Way
City:  Greendale
State:  IN
Zipcode:  47025-8378
Country:  United States
Phone:  8125394144
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City: Greendale
State: Indiana
Country: United States
Type of Service Performed: Design and Engineering, 3D Printing, Molded Plastics

Molded engineered-plastic machinery components from Omni Technologies brings value to industry leading OEM’s by helping them create and implement designs to make their equipment stand out from the competition in both performance and cost.

Since 1979 Omni Technologies has brought ingenuity and expertise to customers seeking a better way. Omni has helped solve problems and reduce costs by collaborating with customers to define opportunities where incorporating molded engineered-plastics into their designs brings real value. Value in the form of part simplification, component reduction, intricacy not otherwise producible, cost and weight reduction. The value is unique to the need, specific for each user. Whether the application is in cartoning, filling, flow-wrapping, product handling, or other packaging need Omni stands ready to put our team to work for you. Starting with design through proof-of-concept printed prototypes, material selection, and execution of the final design Omni makes certain that every question is answered and each concern addressed. No longer do you need to limit yourself by designing around someone else’s idea. You now have the freedom to do what’s best for you and ultimately your customer. If you’re working just about anywhere in the packaging and processing world then it’s likely that there are plenty of opportunities to incorporate engineered plastics into your designs. The benefits to you include design flexibility, improved durability, increased functionality, customized solutions and material options. All these benefits are valuable but it’s just as important to know that you have access to a team of professionals to guide through the design and material selection process and partner with you to ensure success. Take advantage of their knowledge and experience to incorporate engineered plastics into your designs today.
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Design and Engineering, 3D Printing, Molded Plastics.