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How Robotic Palletizers Cater to Labor Shortage at PACK EXPO Las Vegas

Check out the latest robotic palletizing innovations from the PACK EXPO Las Vegas show floor on this Take Five with OEM video.

Quick hits:

  • Allied Technology's PicPac Palletizer is a complete turn-key robotic palletizer for end-of-line packaging and is easily programmable for multi-picks and complex patterns.
  • Nova Automation and Kawasaki teamed up to create a robotic palletizer that doesn’t require any robotic programming experience to deploy.
  • Robotic palletizers that are modular, turnkey, and compact offer more flexibility for end users facing a labor shortage. 

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Listen to the story here:

Read article   Read the transcript below:

Natalie Craig: Hi, my name is Natalie Craig, I'm the Managing Editor of OEM Magazine, and I just got back from PACK EXPO Las Vegas, it was so fun to see connections that I've made over the past couple of years, as well as see the newest and latest innovations and technologies.

One thing that I saw a lot while I was on the show floor were robotic palletizers that catered to the current labor shortage that the industry is experiencing. I want to show you this video from Allied Technology with Matt Halley, he talks about his new robotic palletizer and I can't wait for you guys to watch it.

Matt Haley: Hi, my name is Matt Haley and I'm here at Allied Technology, Booth 7677 at PACK EXPO Las Vegas,, and we're very excited to introduce the newest addition to our lineup of PicPac Palletizers. It is a Kawasaki robot, which is an RS20N, and we also have an RS50N, so two different sizes, very compact palletizers. The machine is completely mobile and modular, and we've been building these in quantity, so they're almost an off the shelf solution turnkey. You can check out our website for more information and stop by the booth to see us, but it's a very interesting product with no coding required on your palletizing.

Natalie Craig: And we're back with another robotic palletizing video. This time from NOVA Automation and Kawasaki, they teamed up to create a truly turnkey robotic palletizer. I spoke with Adam Wiley about this technology and how it caters to the labor shortage. Check it out here.

Adam Wiley: All right. Hi, my name is Adam Wiley, I'm here with NOVA Automation here at PACK EXPO Las Vegas, where we partnered with Kawasaki Robotics, these great people, great product. We're based out of Denver, Colorado, and this is our palletizing cell that we're launching here today. So the idea behind this is you can essentially roll this into your facility, and now you have a turnkey, if you will, palletizing solution. So everything you see here is self-contained, we're able to plug in coordinates through the HMI, the user interface there to keep it simple. You don't have to have any robotic experience, you don't have to manipulate the teach pendant, you just simply go in and you put in your box dimensions, your pallet height, and then the robot takes care of the rest. And if you can take a look down here, we've got these pallet holes where you can move these anywhere in your facility to an existing conveyor and turn it on.

Natalie Craig: Thanks so much for joining us today, and we hope to see you at PACK EXPO East.

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