Durex Industries Launches Quick Ship Program for Standard and Custom Designed Process Heaters

Heater designs are made to have no more than 12 day turnarounds.

Durex Industries, a manufacturer of electric industrial heaters, sensors, and systems, makes screw plug, flange immersion, and circulation heaters designed to have fast turn shipping capabilities.


Durex says it uses product platforms to provide standard “catalog” type designs as well as customized designs in the same fast turnaround window:  


  • Plug heaters ship in three to five days 
  • Flange heaters ship in five to seven days 
  • Circulation heaters in nine to 12 days 


The company guarantees these equipment turnarounds regardless if they are standard or custom configured, without an upcharge for customized units or “non-standard” configurations.


Customers can call Durex’s tech support personnel for assistance in getting the solutions they need. 


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