Spring Plungers with Rolling-Off Function

Electrical insulation allows the spring plunger to function in a wide range of temperatures with minimum wear.

Halder's Spring Plungers with Rolling-Off Function
Halder's Spring Plungers with Rolling-Off Function

Spring plungers are designed for fixing, positioning, securing, and locking moving parts. They assist with fine adjustment and apply pressure as a push plunger or for ejection. To reduce wear on the counter piece, Halder USA has designed a version with a moving ball, extending the range of possible applications for their spring plungers even further.


In the medical industry where cleanliness is pivotal, components need to guarantee zero abrasion on the counter piece and Halder USA made their moving ball in response to this issue. Minimum wear is also of superior importance when it comes to extending a material's service life, e.g. when components made of soft materials such as aluminum must be locked.


"Until now, there was virtually no way to reduce wear in this area. This is why we have come up with innovative plungers that include a moving ball", says Bernd Janner, Sales Manager at Erwin Halder KG. Like other spring plungers, they are composed of a body that houses a spring and ball in its interior. The feature that sets these plungers apart is the bearing of the ball. It is designed to allow for a rolling-off motion that minimizes wear on the counter piece. The rolling-off function also has a positive effect on the haptic and acoustic aspects of the latching action.


The body spring and ball are made from stainless steel and hardened ball-bearing steel or hardened stainless steel.

"Another advantage that these new spring plungers deliver is the electrical insulation that is owed to the plastic-mounted ball. Finally, they are also suitable for use across an extensive temperature range from -30°C to 90°C", says Janner.


Halder USA has versions of the component meant to have increased spring force in their portfolio. Standard spring force is primarily used in areas where parts need to be locked in position with even greater security, according to the company. 


The spring plungers with moving ball are available with diameters of M5, M6, M8, M10, M12, and M16. When it comes to their installation options, users can choose between models that come with a slot, internal hexagon, or pressfit. If requested, the spring plungers can also be manufactured with thread locking. Custom designs are available.

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