Jenelle Gaskins

Client Development Associate, QC Conveyors
Jenelle Gaskins Client Development Associate, QC Conveyors

After graduating from the University of Cincinnati with a degree in marketing, Jenelle Gaskins was waitressing when one of her regular customers asked her if she ever thought about joining the packaging industry because she had the right personality for it. That’s how she found her way to QC Conveyors, where she is currently an account coordinator. Gaskins has spearheaded a few initiatives during her time at the company that have helped the OEM stay on the forefront.


What are some of the projects you’re currently working on?

Along with our channel manager, I helped create the Channel Management Department two years ago. She and I developed it, which has been a huge win for our company, resulting in double-digit sales increases each of the last two years. Most recently, I was promoted to a role that focuses on our newer distributors so we can streamline the onboarding process and promote sales growth with them. 


How are you helping your company adapt to a changing sales landscape?

Because we sell through distribution, a trend I am seeing is that our distributors are selling complete systems rather than a single piece of the puzzle. My job is to provide our distributors with everything they need to sell those complete systems. 


What does this award mean to you? 

I had no idea when I graduated college which direction I would go. There are so many doors that have opened up. My manager has provided me with so many opportunities so that I can grow and gain experience in every aspect of the business. I feel like I’m finding new ways to help QC Conveyors grow, and this award solidifies that and it allows me to continue to do that and make a difference. Being a woman in this industry and showing other women that you can grow and make a difference here, even though it is male dominated, is empowering. 


How do you think the packaging industry can become more welcoming and inclusive when it comes to the female workforce? 

While I know women are a minority in the packaging industry, I am glad to say I have never felt disrespected or excluded from the packaging industry. I’m familiar with the Packaging & Processing Women’s Leadership Network, but it  would be a great resource if PMMI also created a more in depth program that provides one-on-one mentoring to women in the industry.


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