IDEC: Upgraded HMI series

IDEC Corp. releases its newly upgraded HG2G-V5 5.7”, HG3G-V8 8.4”, HG3G-VA 10.4”, and HG4G-VC 12.1” High-Performance Series touchscreen models. Upgrades include brighter screens, better resolution, larger user memory, and faster speeds.

Upgraded HMI series
Upgraded HMI series

These new HMIs are suitable for both new and retrofit applications.

For retrofit applications, the HMIs are direct replacements for previous models, offering a seamless upgrade path and fitting into the exact same panel cutouts. All HMI programming can be converted from existing to these new models, so no new programming is required.

Display and durability

All updated models use TFT-LCD screens displaying a wide range of vivid colors, with the three larger-sized HMIs improving the resolution to 1024x768 pixels, while the 5.7” model remains at 640x480 pixels. The entire range of HMIs in the series offers top-performing brightness, in this case ranging from 600 to 800 cd/m2, to deliver greater visibility, even in high-glare locations such as direct sunlight. Best-in-class backlight life ratings are 100,000 hours minimum, far exceeding the competition.

An already wide operating temperature range has now been extended to cover -20DegC to +60DegC. This combined with IP66F, IP67F, Type 4X, 12, 13, Class I Division 2 hazardous location and UL 61010 approval ratings assures reliable operation in the toughest environments. These HMIs are built for endurance and backed by an industry leading three-year warranty.

Communications and IIoT

In addition to common and previously supported industrial protocols such as Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU, these new HMIs support BACnet/IP, a widely used protocol in building automation and HVAC applications. Support is included for over 100 other serial and networking industrial protocols such as Modbus RTU Master/Slave and Modbus TCP/IP. Up to four protocols can be used simultaneously, allowing these HMIs to exchange data with many sources and systems.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) functionality allows users to configure these HMIs as an FTP Client or Server for transferring programsβ€”and for copying or moving files between local memory, an external memory device or a cloud-based file, database or data storage platform. This provides a convenient and effective remote file transfer method.

The HMIs’ built-in web server can be used to create web pages developed using a browser-based web page editor. This functionality provides remote monitoring and control, and it can be accessed using any device capable of hosting a web browser including a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Accessing the HMI using this method gives a remote user the same functionality as if standing in front of the local screen. Troubleshooting and maintenance of a system is possible any time and from anywhere, saving travel time and expense. The built-in web server also supports industrial internet of things (IIoT) operation, and it can be configured to generate emails.

In addition to browser-based access, users can employ the WindEDIT Lite app on any iOS or Android device over Wi-Fi for two-way communications with these HMIs. As with smartphones and tablets used in commercial applications, this app provides very fast access and is extremely easy to use.

Control and connectivity

Direct control by these HMIs is enabled by adding IDEC MicroSmart FC6A discrete or analog I/O expansion modules. The 5.7” model accepts up to two modules, while the 8.4”, 10.4” and 12.1” models accept up to four modules. Programming to sense inputs and drive outputs is accomplished within the HMI software, providing a space saving all-in-one automation solution.

USB, Ethernet and SD memory card ports deliver comprehensive connectivity, while two unique video-in and audio-out ports on all but the 5.7” model enable offer additional flexibility. Increased memory, now at 56MB, and a CPU that is 2.3 times faster than the previous generation deliver the performance required for even the most demanding applications.


With High-Performance Series HMIs sizes now ranging from 5.7” all the way up to the recently introduced 15” model, users have options for applications on any size equipment. This new generation includes useful improvements to line charts, bar charts, trending and security. All HMIs in the product line are configured using the same simple, intuitive WindO/I-NV4 screen creation software, so users only need to be familiar with one inexpensive software package for development within the entire series. Another advantage is projects can automatically be converted from one HMI size to another within seconds using the same software. Communication cables between the HMIs and PLCs remain the same.

Industries particularly well suited for these HMIs are wastewater treatment, machine tool, packaging equipment, oil & gas, food & beverage, elevator control, power utilities, traffic control and transportation, building automation and others. With extensive communication and IIoT capabilities combined with expanded I/O, the High-Performance Series HMIs can control and connect to many types of systems, provide superior local visualization and enable convenient remote access.