Sales and Service for Synrad CO2 Lasers Now Direct in China

New direct sales and support team provides improved technical and applications support.


Synrad, a business unit of Novanta Corporation (“Novanta”) announced that all sales, applications engineering, service and support for its Synrad COlasers will transition from A&P Instrument Co., Ltd. to Novanta’s China subsidiary to meet the increasing requirements of customers in China. The transition will take place in phases over the next several months, and Novanta and A&P Instrument Co., Ltd. are committed to ensuring a smooth transition for customers.


“We are excited to work more closely with our current customers in China, and look forward to developing new applications and building strong relationships directly with new customers,” says Phil Wescott, senior director, sales transformation, Novanta. “Customers will now have direct access to a wide range of high performance COlasers from Synrad along with our highly accurate and fast laser-beam steering sub-systems from Cambridge Technology, which is also a business unit of Novanta.”


The Novanta sales, applications engineering, and service center in Shenzhen will provide customers with quick and direct support for Synrad COlasers, including technical support, product service and applications testing. 

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