Efficient Power Supply for Stepper Drives and Integrated Motors

See performance gains in both torque and speed.

Applied Motion Products
Applied Motion Products

Applied Motion Products introduced a new 70-volt DC switching power supply for use with DC-powered stepper motors and drives. The PS480D72 Switching Power Supply is compatible with step motor drives, integrated stepper motors as well as StepSERVO™ drives and StepSERVO™ integrated motors from Applied Motion Products. By increasing the supply voltage to these products from 48 volts to 70 volts, users immediately see performance gains in both torque and speed.  

DC supply voltage directly affects the torque-speed curve of a step motor and drive system. Increasing the supply voltage to the drive offers measurable performance gains in both torque and speed. (As supply voltage increases, the torque-speed curve of a stepper system becomes flatter, with less decrease in torque as speed increases). These performance gains enable users to increase motor acceleration rates and maximum speeds to support faster machine cycles and greater throughput. In many applications, increasing from 24 to 48 volts or 48 to 70 volts can mean the difference between success and failure.  

The PS480D72 Switching Power Supply runs on 120 or 220V AC and provides 6.7 amps. The output of the supply is adjustable between 70 and 80 volts DC, making it compatible with drives and integrated motors that accept supply voltages in that range. The fan-less design, DIN-rail mountable enclosure, and universal input voltage of 90-264 VAC enable easy integration into both new and existing applications.  

The PS48OD72 Switching Power Supply is UL recognized, CE-approved and RoHS compliant for use in industrial environments. This compact power supply provides various protection features including over-current, over-voltage (category III), short circuit and over temperature.   

Applied Motion Products also offers Switching Power Supplies with regulated output voltages of 24V DC (150W) and 48V DC (320W). These supplies operate on universal AC input voltages are ideal for use with motor and drive solutions from Applied Motion. 


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