Nano-Level Motion Control Products for Precision Performance

Stiffer, faster, and more precise motion control at lower costs.


Alio Industries, a supplier of micron and submicron motion control systems using nano precision motion control, has developed multiple product lines, including its Hexapod robotic systems, air bearing systems, linear and rotary nano-precision systems (with both mechanical and air bearings guides), and systems for atmospheric, clean room, and ultra-high vacuum environments. All Alio’s motion control products use True Nano Positioning.


The company’s Hybrid Hexapod is designed for 5 and 6 axis motion performance, and is meant to be stiffer, faster, have increased path precision and a usable work envelope, while being more cost-effective.


Their monolithic XY stage product family with 6-D Nano Precision is also designed for increased stiffness during its various stages with enclosed centre and open centre using Point Precision motion performance.


Alio’s linear stages, Nano Z lift, mechanical Z lift, and rotary stage lines were designed to excel at nanometer precision motion performance, according to the company, with increased accuracy and quality and a three-year warranty.


Alio also offers its µII (micro II) product line, designed to compete in the lower cost, lower precision micron (µm) world. The company introduced this product line in response to demands for low cost, mid-precision, and long travel stages. The µII product line stages are designed to be used as a single axis, stacked in XY orientations, or complete gantry operation. The µII recirculating ball rail bearing stage line comes standard in sizes of 100mm up to 1 meter.

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