Solid State Contactor

These single-phase zero-crossing relays, offer the current rating of up to 37AAC at 40°C or 43AAC at 25°C.
Carlo Gavazzi

Carlo Gavazzi launched its RGC Series Solid State Contactor platform. These single-phase zero-crossing relays, featuring an integral heat sink, offer the best in the class current rating of up to 37AAC at 40°C or 43AAC at 25°C.


With the introduction of the RGC..32, Carlo Gavazzi now offers a solution for switching up to 37 AAC at 40°C that fits in the 17.8mm wide platform with a depth of 103mm. The RGC..32 is offered both with screw, as well as box clamp output terminals. The version with box clamps is rated for up to 37AAC @ Ta 40°C. This higher current rating on the 17.8mm compact platform is achieved through the utilization of a higher rated power chip that has an I²t of 18000 A²s. Due to this high I²t specification, the RGC..32 can be protected against short circuits by B curve Miniature Circuit Breakers, in applications where the UL508 SCCR rating is not required.


The RGC..32 has the highest amperage rating of any 17.8 or 22.5mm wide solid state switching devices available on the market, DIN rail spacing over 22.5 mm platform, optional cage clamp power terminal for wires up to 3 AWG size and energy savings due to lower power dissipation, according to the company.