Dynamic First In, First Out Accumulation Balances Packaging Line Harmonics

A wide variety of CPGs can benefit from the AccuVeyor AVL from AmbaFlex, a dynamic accumulator that allows for the absorption and release of items between processes without any interruption, with true first in/first out accumulation functionality.

The AccuVeyor AVL from AmbaFlex at PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2021
The AccuVeyor AVL from AmbaFlex at PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2021

Shown at PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2021, the AccuVeyor AVL by AmbaFlex is based around a single (1) flexible conveyor belt. This belt runs through a conveyor frame and consists of two U-shaped conveyor segments on the top and two return belt segments underneath. The top U-shape is the effective accumulator and conveys the product from the entrance to the exit. The second one underneath is used to store any unused conveyor belt. When accumulating the U-shaped segment moves along the track and with it increases or reduces the accumulation length, just like a trombone.

"From a line-efficiency standpoint, and in terms of balancing the harmonics of the line, this is what we call a first in, first out dynamic accumulator with no pressure. And what does that mean?" Jeffrey Scicchitano​ Sales Manager Packaging, AmbaFlex asked PW at the booth on Wednesday of the show. "If we were to compare this against other options on the market, competitors need to grab a hold of the product and transfer it to a separate, down-running belt. In this case, we don't do that. We do that through a unique innovation we call our belt transfer unit--it's all on one belt." 

The line uses two motors--one that drives the in-feed and one that drives the out-feed, but still only one belt. And that belt transfers with a unique belt transfer unit that's on rails.

"When accumulation is needed, we will stop the out-feed, and continue the in-feed," Scicchitano says. "Why? Because other things can't stop. Your oven needs to continue to run, your wrapper needs to continue to run, etc. So what does this mean for a customer? If you think of a hummus brand, or products that can't touch each other, and have pressure on the line, this is a great component to add tons of efficiency on your line. A brind that is handling primary packs and need to remove an issue in their line, or to keep their line running while they have an issue upstream, the AccuVeyor AVL features, no pressure, no touch, and first in/first out functionality in a very small 7.5-ft footprint with the accumulation going vertically." -PW

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