Absolute Encoders Get Improved Electronics

These encoders offers magnetic multi-turn technology and higher resolution.
Encoder Products Company

Encoder Products Company (EPC) offers a full line of absolute encoders with models in both shaft and blind hollow bore, in sizes 36 mm, 58 mm and standard Size 25 with a 2.5 inch housing. But now, these absolute encoders come with even more communication options and higher resolution, according to the company. 


An absolute encoder is a device that provides a unique code for each increment of shaft rotation, meaning that an absolute encoder indicates both that the shaft position has changed, and the absolute position of the shaft. EPC’s absolute encoders now offer a higher resolution of 16 bits for single turn resolution and 43 bits for multi-turn resolution, allowing these absolute encoders to measure smaller increments, and allowing a longer run-time before reset.


“Absolute encoders are becoming more and more prevalent in industry,” says Sarah Walter, EPC technical applications engineer. “They offer connectivity, are more resistant to electrical noise, and retain position information after a power loss.”


Absolute encoders are ideal for safe operation of systems that always need exact location information to prevent damage to equipment or bodily injury. This is especially true in the event of a loss of power scenario. EPC absolute encoders maintain position value without being powered, so if there is rotation during the power-loss, this movement is tracked and retained. Once power is restored, the encoder can transmit the location information immediately.


As more equipment and industries rely on real time data, absolute encoders make an excellent motion feedback solution.  There is no longer a need to use additional devices and time to calculate positional data. EPC’s absolute encoders offer real-time information with SSI, CANopen, and EtherCAT communication protocols. Watch the video for more information.