nVent Offers ‘On-Demand’ Enclosures and Thermal Management Solutions

The HOFFMAN on Demand program allows customers to choose from a full range of products that are locally available.

nVent Electric plc , an electrical connection and protection solutions supplier, debuted a program that helps ensure customers in the U.S. get the solutions they need when their business demands it. nVent launched its new HOFFMAN on Demand quick ship program where customers choose from a full range of products that are locally available and ready to ship through authorized HOFFMAN on Demand distributors. 


“Being reliable and fast is extremely important to us and our customers,” said Karla Leis, vice president and general manager at nVent HOFFMAN. “With HOFFMAN on Demand, we will meet the growing expectations of our customers while also providing more visibility to product availability throughout the search and selection process.”


Based on local needs, the HOFFMAN on Demand program provides ready-to-ship stock that covers a variety of application needs including: 

•          Pushbutton, junction box, wall-mount, free-stand, floor-mount and modular enclosures

•          HMI and industrial wireway

•          Thermal management solutions

•          Accessories


Customers can expect faster access to high-demand products like Concept, Water-shed, Proline G2 packages, Syspend 281-Max HMI system, NEMA-12 Lay-In wireway, SpectraCool air conditioners and more. In addition, if customers are looking for hole and cutout modifications, they can get fast access to pre-modified enclosures and back panels through HOFFMAN Certified Modification Center distributors.


The HOFFMAN on Demand program also makes it easy to know what to select and where to buy, with easy-to-use online product selection guides and easy-to-find locator for the nearest authorized HOFFMAN on Demand distributors.  


Visit hoffman.nvent.com/hod for more information on the full range of products and au-thorized HOFFMAN on Demand distributors.

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