Omron produces a range of products that solve packaging challenges. We have everything for complete machine automation: sensing, control systems, visualization, drives, robotics, safety, quality inspection, control and switching components.

Integrated, Intelligent and Interactive Omron is a global provider of complete automation solutions with industry leading technologies covering: Input, Logic, Output, Safety and Robotics. Our team of professionals around the world have the know-how to recommend and apply unbiased solutions for our customers, whenever and wherever it’s needed. With 85 years of proven products and widely adopted applications in various industries, Omron focuses on solutions for manufacturing in automotive, packaging, semiconductor, electronics/small parts assembly and pharmaceutical/cosmetics industries. Our complete portfolio for machine automation: over 200,000 products that integrate Logic, Motion, Vision, Networks, Safety and Robots. With unmatched application know-how combined with machine and motion control; we provide fast, flexible, versatile, reliable and competitive solutions. Through continued innovation we can deliver solutions that improve speed, increase throughput and enhance operator safety. Our outstanding track record is proof of our never-yielding dedication to improvement. Our promise to always push boundaries remains our hallmark. Our engineers are knowledgeable, experienced and involved. If you have a design challenge, they will find the answer. If you have a control issue, we’ll help you solve it. If you want to manufacture in a different country, we’ll connect you with our experts in the field. Make your bright ideas even brighter in our state-of-the-art Automation Center in Chicago, Our engineers are ready to try out the latest applications and test your new ideas. Anything you need to know about machine automation, contact... Omron: together, we can create tomorrow!
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