Chris Anguil, Banding Sales Manager, Pharmaceuticals, Felins

Chris AnguilWhat attracted you to the packaging space?
I have always had a passion for sustainability and environmentally-friendly solutions. When I was introduced to Felins, I was impressed by their core values and their belief that every packaging decision should help, not hurt, our planet. I saw this role as an opportunity to help guide pharmaceutical and healthcare manufacturers to a more sustainable future, which is something I always wanted to be a part of.

What is the most fascinating part of your job?
As a banding sales manager, my role is to introduce the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries to packaging solutions that help them save time, money, and the health of our planet. In addition to finding new customers, I serve our current customers who have adopted our banding technology to ensure their packaging processes are successful and efficient. The most fascinating part of my job is being able to visit a variety of manufacturing plants and learning about their processes. Each new facility is like an episode of the TV show How It’s Made. It is truly amazing to get insight into how everyday products are manufactured from start to finish. Then to have an opportunity to help these manufacturers optimize their processes, solve a challenge, or fill a need is extremely rewarding.

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