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Integrated Design for Seamless Blister Pack Transfers

ProMach's Serpa and Pharmaworks join forces to flex their packaging expertise in line integration with a new integrated design for seamless blister pack transfers.

Serpa Pack Expo 2021 Line Integration

Two ProMach brands are integrating their packaging technologies together to create a more seamless transfer of blister packs to a cartoner at PACK EXPO.

The integrated line involves a TF-2 Blister Machine from Pharmaworks and a P100 Horizontal Cartoner from Serpa. The two machines are connected with a Linear Transport System, an exciting new technology that enables a seamless transfer of up to three blister packs to a cartoner.

Blister pack transfers to cartoners have traditionally been a difficult task to accomplish. Most transfer designs are mechanically-based with many moving components, which generally produced inefficiencies between both the thermoformer and cartoner due to challenges in connecting two asynchronous machines together. The result is typically lower output and increased chances of curled blisters.

The Linear Transport System removes the shortcomings found in mechanically-based transfer designs by linking the two machines together using electro-magnetic technology to smoothly transfer and pack up to 330 cartons per minute.

The Linear Transport System is a relatively simple design that uses electro-magnetic technology to loop a series of buckets between the TF-2 Blister Machine and a P100 Horizontal Cartoner. When the TF-2 senses a bucket is present, it drops a blister pack into it. That bucket loops around to place the blister pack onto a track, which moves it to the cartoner for packaging. Since the drive system is magnetically-based, buckets can accelerate or decelerate to meet changing output; no accumulation of blister packs are needed for transfers.

The success of this design is due to the TF-2, Linear Transport System and P100 all connected, communicating with one another to ensure the blister pack is properly oriented for a perfect, efficient transfer. The TF-2 brings added functionality by allowing operators to package up to three blister packs in a carton with a touch of a button; the Linear Transport System can accommodate format changes on the fly.   

The P100 Horizontal Cartoner from Serpa features a balcony-design that provides maximum access to all drive components from one side of the machine while maintaining a compact footprint. Locating these features, along with all of the changeover points on the operator side of the machine makes changeover fast, easy and convenient.

This functional integrated packaging line is a great example of ProMach bringing its product brands closer together to better meet the needs of its customers. Projects like this allow customers to have one central point of contact, and that contact really serves as a one-stop, full-service provider by connecting all the ProMach brands together. This level of project management greatly streamlines the planning process, installation, and start-up curve for packaging lines.

Earlier this year, ProMach acquired Serpa, increasing the number to 42 packaging and automation-focused companies comprising the ProMach family of product brands in categories including Systems & Integration, Filling, Bottling & Capping, Decorative Labeling, Flexibles & Trays, Handling & Sterilization, Labeling & Coding, Robotics, End of Line and Pharma.

Serpa is also exhibiting other packaging solutions PACK EXPO 2021 including:

P200 Side Load Case Packer

The P200 Side Load Case Packer can run cases and trays. Sealing both styles (tape for cases and glue for trays) can easily be switched to the preferred method through a simple changeover of less than five minutes. Its walking beam with dual-sided opposing vacuum ensures square cases all the way through the closing station without the need for flight lugs.

RF450/TL450 High Speed Insert Feeding System

The RF450/TL450 High Speed Insert Feeding System features a patented design that largely eliminates common insert feeding issues. The system does not require vertical troughs that rely on gravity to drop the inserts onto a belt. Rather, inserts are driven through the process and fully contained to the pick point. Capable of reaching speeds of more than 400 pieces per minute with minimal operator intervention, the RF450/TL450 High Speed Insert Feeding System is perfectly suited for applications that require an insert in any industry.

Connected to Serpa’s booth is ProMach Pharma Solutions, a space devoted to highlighting ProMach’s pharmaceutical and medical packaging solutions.

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