Festo's Servo-driven Solution for CODI Manufacturing

Festo partnered with CODI Manufacturing to enhance accuracy, speed, and cost-efficiency, catering to eco-friendly packaging solutions for cans.

For years, CODI Manufacturing has been addressing the growing demand for eco-friendly packaging solutions for cans. Their journey led them to an interesting crossroads where they were using pneumatic cylinders to meet their customer's needs. However, the challenge lay in achieving greater accuracy and versatility while keeping costs in check. This is where Festo stepped in.

In a candid conversation with Mike Hoffman from CODI Manufacturing at PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023, we learned that the company had designed a carrier application machine that aimed to accommodate various can sizes without extensive changeovers. The solution, initially built around pneumatic cylinders, was efficient but lacked the precision they sought. That's when Shane Loer, a specialist from Festo, entered the scene. 

Festo's innovative servo-driven technology opened new possibilities for CODI Manufacturing. The new electronic cylinders not only promised superior accuracy but also allowed for precise control over motion, significantly enhancing speed. This development eliminated the need to travel the entire length of a stroke with each cycle, resulting in remarkable efficiency gains.

Loer explained how they seamlessly integrated servo motors and drives into CODI's existing system. Remarkably, they managed to complete this transition in just one month, showcasing the agility and efficiency of the servo-driven solution. 

The standout feature of this partnership is the remarkable versatility it brings, CODI Manufacturing's machine, originally designed for pneumatics, has now evolved into an all-electric system with the ability to adapt to different can sizes without extensive changeovers. 

This shift has paved the way for a high-throughput machine, capable of processing a staggering 200 cans per minute. Such speed, combined with the machine's adaptability, is set to revolutionize the niche market CODI Manufacturing serves. 

A closer look at the technology involved reveals the heart of this transformation: the ball screw actuator. It's a crucial component that has made the servo-driven precision possible. Additionally, Festo's guided attachment has added much-needed rigidity to the system, ensuring that every application remains square and precise.

Moreover, this transition didn't break the bank for CODI Manufacturing. Despite the initial concerns about the cost of electronic components, the overall increase in expenditure was a mere 25 percent. This cost-effectiveness has the potential to disrupt the industry, making precision machinery accessible to a wider range of manufacturers.

Festo's commitment to innovation doesn't stop at precision and efficiency. Another notable achievement in this collaboration is the introduction of an IP67-rated HMI (Human-Machine Interface). This feature eliminates the need for a separate panel, further streamlining the packaging process and reducing costs.