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Universal Ethernet Servo Motor Controller

Ethernet servo motor controller supports 2ndSight motion edge analytics.

Arcus Servo Motors’s Titan Ethernet Servo Motor Controller
Arcus Servo Motors’s Titan Ethernet Servo Motor Controller


Arcus Servo Motion’s Titan Ethernet Servo Motor Controller (TITAN-SVX-ETH) is a new generation of universal servo controller designed to have advanced servo technology to drive most types of servo motors including Stepper, Brushless Servo, Linear, Shaft, DC, and Voice Coil. It also supports the most commonly used communication methods, which are Ethernet, USB, and RS485. TITAN-SVX-ETH uses the simple and intuitive TITAN Software, which enables anyone to easily set up and configure the motion system. 


TITAN-SVX-ETH is equipped with the 2ndSight motion edge analytics algorithm, which can monitor the health state of a motion system and predict failures preemptively to meet Industry 4.0/Industrial IoT requirements.


Titan Motion Features: Advanced Servo Motion Features

  • Configurability as Controller Mode or Pulse Mode
  • Auto Motor Parameter Detection Wizard and Auto Mechanical Parameter Detection Tuning Wizard
  • Motor and System Database File System Support
  • Open Loop Hold and Dynamic Gain
  • Noise Reduction through Kalman Filtering
  • Trapezoidal, S-curve, and Parabolic Velocity Profiling
  • Multi-thread Standalone Programming with debugging
  • Plotting and Probing
  • Gain Setting
  • Force / Torque Control

2ndSight: Motion EDGE Analytics Algorithm

The emergence of Industry 4.0 has increased automated production efficiency and quality has pushed Arcus Servo Motion to develop an intelligent analytics algorithm called 2ndSight. 2ndSight monitors motion systems in real-time, collects and analyzes data, and makes mission-critical decisions to prevent failure and downtime. Reliable predictive maintenance is what will complete truly smart factories of the future, says the company, which is why TITAN-SVX-ETH is created to support 2ndSight, a real-time, data-driven, intelligent algorithm that is run on the Edge for increased efficiency and response.


2ndSight is designed as a comprehensive approach of applying Multi-dimensional Machine Learning methods, Analytical Physics, Statistics, and Regression techniques in quantifying and determining the overall health state of any motion system. The company says its compact and simplified data can be shared across networks and to the cloud, unlike raw motion data.


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