Integrated Safety Features for Toggle Clamps

Enables longer clamping arms without them closing accidentally.

Toggle clamp product versions with integrated safety features
Toggle clamp product versions with integrated safety features

Winco, a manufacturer of standard parts, has expanded its toggle clamp product range to include a wide range of new developments and improvements as well as an expanded selection of accessories.

For example, product versions with integrated safety features like the toggle clamp GN 820.3—which is protected by a safety hook against unintended opening and the associated operating errors—are now available. The safety locking is designed to be released with a single hand, if necessary. In the product version GN 810.3, both end positions of the clamp are made to be secured with this locking function. This is meant to enable the use of longer clamping arms without them being closed accidentally.

Winco also delivers the matching spindle assembly with toggle clamp orders and, if desired, the extended clamp arm. All Winco toggle clamps are available in steel or stainless steel, manufactured from sheet steel or forged parts and with galvanized or black-coated surface. Depending on the specific application, customers can choose between vertical clamps with vertically oriented clamping lever, horizontal clamps with horizontal lever, as well as locking clamps and push-rod clamps. 

The base element of the toggle clamps has also been supplied with slot-style hole patterns designed to enable universal mounting to any hole patterns typically found in industry applications. These are now compatible with both American inch dimensions as well as with the metric system. 

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