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AI Vision Inspection

Advantech and Overview combine edge hardware and deep learning software to deliver an end-to-end, artificial intelligence vision inspection solution.

Advantec Icam 500 Fall2022

Advantech and Overview have joined forces to offer manufacturers an end-to-end, artificial intelligence (AI) vision inspection solution. Advantech is a leading provider of industrial Internet of Things (IoT) and edge hardware technology. Overview, founded by Tesla automation engineers, develops vision inspection platforms leveraging deep learning to automate and improve inspection processes.

The Snap Platform from Overview is an adaptable machine vision solution that handles everything from device management, algorithm development, product quality support, and traceability. When integrated with smart cameras, such as the Advantech ICAM-500, the Snap Platform automatically inspects from a PLC trigger, interval, or—in the case of video events—continuous capture.

The Snap Platform saves all relevant process data and creates a traceable visual record of every unit. Data is catalogued for easy search and analysis. This not only helps with traceability, but also allows for the discovery of yield loss sources. Users can determine the root cause of losses with data post-processing.

Embedded with Nvidia Jetson Nano modules, Advantech’s new ICAM-500 AI camera combines an industrial-grade image sensor, advanced LED lighting, and a variable focus lens with acquisition and AI computing capabilities. These features enable systems integrators and software vendors to integrate AI and machine vision into applications, while also efficiently performing AI automated optical inspection (AOI), AI optical character recognition (OCR), and object recognition at the edge. 

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