B&R Expands its Library of HMI Widgets

Skyline widget designed to prevent downtime and increase plant productivity.

OEM B&R Skyline Widget
OEM B&R Skyline Widget

The new Skyline widget from B&R's mapp View HMI software package is created to display a clear overview of extensive manufacturing systems. The widget is also designed so that it can be linked to an alarm system. With important information about their machines available at a glance, plant operators are able to react promptly to error messages, says the company. This is meant to prevent downtime and increase the productivity of the plant.

The interactive HMI element is made to be suitable for modular machines and plants in any industry. The developer should be able to drag the widget into place on the HMI screen and configure it as needed. This software is designed so that pictures can then be chosen to represent the various parts of the machine and adjust their sizes. According to the company, the Skyline widget can be configured at runtime, making it exceptionally fast and flexible to use.

To improve overview of particularly complex plants, the Skyline widget is designed for multiple instances of a given machine to be grouped together, and be configured to display important statistical information or the current status when a component is selected. The operator could then react quickly to any errors that occur on the machine and resolve the situation before it results in extended downtime.

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