Basic Web HMI Series

STW6000 can easily display HTML5 data from multiple devices.

Pro-face America
Pro-face America

Pro-face America released its new STW6000 Series Basic Web HMI. Many industrial automation devices support HTML5, which can be displayed on PCs, tablets, and smartphones. As a Web HMI, STW6000 can easily display HTML5 data from multiple devices, allowing complete visibility over a company’s intranet.


Many industrial devices and even simple instrumentation components now have an embedded web server and a fixed web page that serves up diagnostic data and often allows for configuration of the device via HTML5. Some of the more complex devices, like PLCs, allow customers to customize HTML5 pages loaded on an embedded web server. The trend with SCADA packages is to allow publication of screens in HTML5 format for mobile devices. The STW6000 series al-lows visibility to all these devices using a web browser platform and requires no programming beyond configuring and entering URLs.


“The advantage of deploying an HTML5 based visualization architecture is that it reduces costs compared to a traditional HMI and complements IIoT solutions that allow the flexibility and mobility of consumer devices like tablets and smart phones,” says George Caudle, Pro-face America offer manager.

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