Eco-friendly Invertor

The Green Invertor from Carleton Helical Technologies is made of recycled plastic. It rotationally positions containers 180 deg at speeds up to 2000 cpm, dependent on the container’s dimensions.

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Similar to the HP Invertor, Carleton Helical’s Green Invertor is approximately 12 in. to 24 in. long and is easily placed on an existing production line.

The Green Invertor is new to our list of custom packaging machinery. We are excited for our customers to have a more sustainable option when updating their production lines. If you are aiming to build a more environmentally friendly production line and still run at high efficiency, this Invertor is fit for your company.

All CHT packaging machinery is made on-site. A team of CHT engineers designs custom packaging machinery with state-of-the-art software and provides frequent updates on the progress of your order.

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