Win the next wave of processing equipment orders

Half of food manufacturers will be spending more on capital equipment in the next 12 to 24 months.

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To download the full PMMI 2017 Trends Shaping the Meat, Poultry, and Seafood Market Segement Report, visit: Read on to find out what equipment specs end users are prioritizing when shopping around for new equipment.

Technology on an end user’s wish list:

54% of end users are using vision systems

Desired changes & improvements:
- Washdown
- Better clarity
- Easier to integrate
- Faster read speeds
- Reliable accuracy
- Analysis documentation
- Improved plastic particle detection
- Inspect flexible film

74% of end users are using predictive maintenance
Desired changes & improvements:
- Better guidelines and training
- Easier access to the machine
- More indicators and sensors
- Detailed spare parts list
- Automated email alerts in action needed
- Reliable and trustworthy
- Access to predictive maintenance while machine is running

64% of end users are allowing some remote access
- All new equipment will require remote access capability
- Used on advanced equipment now
- Easier machine analysis by OEM
- Increasing use, especially wireless

- IT department greatly restricts use due to security concerns
- Access must be controlled on a use-based need

92% of end users are using preventive maintenance

Customization is key
Almost all end users use customized equipment at some level for a variety of reasons:
- No hollow tubing
- Need to meet unusual ceiling heights
- Footprint constraints
- Product transfer during processing
- Sanitation and cleanability
- Primary product placement
- Electrical controls

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