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Solving the Remote Buying Team Challenge

How do you ensure prospects can effectively shop your product anytime from anywhere? New tools from PMMI Media Group are here to help.

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How do you ensure prospects can effectively shop your product anytime from anywhere? For many OEMs, it’s clearly a struggle. Face-to-face is always the first choice, but it’s not always possible. On-site demos with prospects have become more difficult in recent years as buying teams have become larger and more global. You—and your prospects’ entire buying team—can’t make every trade show or site visit. Not to mention reticence for business travel, even before the pandemic.

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But traditional online options don’t cut it either. Photos and spec sheets are important, but they don’t always give the buyer the best feel for things. Today’s buyers want to get a sense of dimensions and space and envision how well a piece of equipment would function in their specific facility.

Offer 3D machine tours

With PMMI Media Group’s new 3D Machine Tours, OEMs can now easily give remote prospects the next best experience to being in front of their equipment. With the aid of 3D photography, the OEM is able to provide buyers with the ability to see every angle and zoom in on every component. Prospects—from the comfort of their computer—can self-guide and navigate around the entire machine.

There’s also interactivity, with the OEM able to drop in tags with captioning, whether it be short videos of equipment running, links to related resources or any desired audio clips with narration. There’s even the capability to allow viewers to measure any portion of the machine with a built-in ruler tool.

The best part? The 3D Machine Tour development process is incredibly easy, with PMMI Media Group’s 3D photography partner able to conduct the onsite shooting in the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, and many other countries. Turnaround from shoot date to finish image/tour is typically about a week. Afterward, the OEM will receive a URL hosting the tour that can be embedded onto its website or linked to with any email, social, or other digital promos.

Leverage the permission builder 

As OEMs try to make their websites more “shoppable” for remote prospects, one common challenge has been managing access to proprietary product information. For example, with the 3D Machine Tour, an OEM might feel torn between having web visitors learn about their product to advance the sales process while also wanting control over detailed views of their equipment.

Thanks to a new privacy tool from PMMI Media Group, OEMs no longer need to worry about this traditional barrier. With Permission Builder, OEMs can finally control those who can—and can’t—see information about their product online in a timely, automated fashion.

To use Permission Builder, the OEM posts its proprietary content asset, whether it be a video or 3D Machine Tour, onto a PMMI Media Group-owned landing page. A pop-up form on the page compares data entered and IP address against an identity resolution algorithm that makes use of information exclusive to PMMI Media Group’s database, SIC/NACs verification, and other third-party data points to separate validated end users from competing suppliers. OEMs can establish permissions at a profile level, blocking or allowing visitors by individual email address or domain.

Those passing identity validation and the permissions settings are granted access and will immediately see the protected content. Others will receive notice that access is pending the OEM’s approval, or, in the event that a competing supplier or other non-desired viewer is detected, access will be denied.

If desired, OEMs also can include on the landing page a contact form that allows for online appointment scheduling, where dedicated sales calendars (individual or team) are available to prospects to book meetings directly.

Because Permission Builder lives on the landing page itself, it can work with any digital campaign. It doesn’t matter whether visitors to the page come from your email, social, or other marketing efforts.

For more details on 3D Machine Tours or Permission Builder, visit:

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