High Speed Couplings

Handle 24,000 RPM with high torque precision.

Miki Pulley
Miki Pulley

Miki Pulley is introducing its SFM coupling line for direct sale to OEM’s in North America. SFM couplings are designed for high-speed power transmission applications up to 24,000 rpm where high torque and precision alignment is critical, according to the company. 


Available in 10 sizes, SFM couplings transmit torque by connecting two shafts while damping system vibrations and accommodating misalignment. The couplings have a disk spring design that provides high torsional rigidity and axial flexibility. The high response, zero-backlash design, features a high torque to weight ratio. 


Capable of a speed range up to 24,000 rpm, SFM couplings have a torque rating from 60 N•m to 600 N•8 depending on model size. They have a high torsional stiffness range from 104,000 Nm/rad to 970,000 Nm/rad with parallel misalignment of 0.02 mm. 


Miki Pulley SFM couplings are ideal for main spindle applications in machining centers and similar machinery, automation systems including assembly systems and high speed servo motor applications. ROHS compliant, SFM couplings are suitable for hostile environments and require no lubrication. Plus, the SFM-DS coupling model is engineered keeping in mind aerodynamics for quiet operation.


In addition to the SFM coupling line, Miki Pulley designs and manufactures a complete line of motion control components. These include flexible shaft couplings, shaft hub locking devices, clutches, brakes and speed control devices.

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