Split Conveyor "Suspends" Product for Top, Bottom Print, Labeler

This wash down welded conveyor also has additional sanitary precautions.

Multi-Conveyor's split conveyor
Multi-Conveyor's split conveyor

 Multi-Conveyor, a manufacturer who specializes in conveyor systems for packaging or material handling, recently built its stainless steel 3-A Dairy sanitary wash down welded conveyor, designed to transport plastic wrapped blocks of food in conjunction with a customer supplied starwheel top and bottom labeler.

            The infeed conveyor is designed to split while product is suspended, held only by side grip belts, providing the gap necessary for a bottom label application.

            A customer supplied Videojet 9550 direct print and apply labeler with Intelligent Motion then applies the labels on top, bottom or both. 

            Downstream, a pneumatic reject pusher ejects imperfect labeled product for quality assurance using customer supplied label sensors, according to the company.

            Adjustable guiderails and PowerFlex motor controllers were mounted and wired to the conveyor. The motor on the left and the guiderails adjust for variable product widths while simplistic hand cranks adjust the Videojet 9550 up and down for product height.

            Sanitary designs include slotted clean out ports; welded stand-offs for guide rail brackets, bearings, and floor supports; welded internal frame spacers; removable wear strips; and continuous welds—all ground and polished for 3A Dairy approval.

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