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How to create an exhibit program that supports your company’s core business objectives and delivers measurable value beyond cost.

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Written by:  Jefferson Davis President, Competitive Edge

Executing an exhibit program that supports your company’s core business objectives and delivers measurable value beyond cost requires a very sharp focus and a whole lot of effort.

In my experience, the average exhibitor spends 95% of its pre-show efforts on the logistics and operational side of their exhibit program. They have to book space, order show services, get the booth, graphics, products, and people to the convention center, get it set-up, tear it down, and send it home—on-time and on budget. 

Unfortunately, spending the lion’s share of your time on logistics and operations only guarantees that your booth, products, and people show up. It does not guarantee you will get the maximum from the big investment of human and financial capital you are making.

So, where do you need to invest more time to ensure your exhibit program is a success?

Based on working with companies of all sizes and all types, we’ve identified five critical exhibiting success factors:

  • Clearly define meaningful business outcomes
  • Identify and attract enough of the right people to the expo and your exhibit 
  • Manage and deliver a high-quality visitor experience 
  • Manage your leads more effectively 
  • Measure and report exhibiting performance, value, and return on investment (ROI)

PMMI views its relationship with you and your company as a long-term partnership to help you achieve your business goals. Because of this, it has invested in a new value-added award-winning exhibitor program, called the Exhibitor Success & ROI Center, which is designed to help your company maximize your ROI. 

The online ROI center contains a tremendous amount of useful resources, including sections on planning your booth, managing show logistics, promoting your booth, presenting a seminar, asking tradeshow experts for advice, and enhancing your knowledge through exhibitor media group resources.

The centerpiece of the Exhibitor Success & ROI Center is the time-tested and proven-effective “Five-Step Exhibitor Success Program.” The complimentary exhibit management tools, timed pre-show planning exercises, and topical knowledge resources are organized in a content consumption plan that will help you address the right strategic exhibiting issues at the right time frames in the PACK EXPO show execution cycle. 

Step 1 - get control: Download free planning and measurement tools:

  • 16 Week Trade Show Planning & Management Tool
  • Exhibit Budgeting & Cost Control Tool
  • Exhibiting & Financial Performance Metrics Tool 

Step 2 - plan to win: Complete planning exercises at recommended time frames:

  • Define your outcomes – at least 16 weeks prior
  • Identify & attract your ideal visitors – 12 weeks prior
  • Manage your visitors’ experience – 10 weeks prior
  • Lead management – 6 to 8 weeks prior
  • Measure your performance & ROI – 4 to 6 weeks prior and update after the show

Step 3 - watch and learn: Live webinars to prepare you for success: 

  • Setting Up and Adding to Your Exhibitor Directory Listing/Company Profile
  • Using the Customer Invite Program Effectively   
  • Maximizing Your Exposure Online Pre-Show
  • How to Attract Enough of The Right Attendees to Your Booth
  • How to Order Booth Services and Furnishings
  • Improving Lead Management for Higher Sales Conversion

Step 4 - read and learn more: Articles provide additional ideas and insights:

  • Plan for Success
  • Promote Your Participation
  • Create an Effective Exhibit
  • Prepare Your Staff
  • Lead Management
  • Measurement

Step 5 - ask our team of trade show experts:  Submit your exhibiting questions and a team of Tradeshow Experts, including Certified Trade Show Marketers (CTSMs), will provide answers.

The new PACK EXPO International and Healthcare Packaging EXPO Exhibitor Success and ROI Center is all free and it’s a part of your exhibit package. Visit: oemgo.to/esrc to access all of the resources. For many, PACK EXPO will represent the first opportunity to reconnect with customers and online resources are the ideal place to start. Map your show and online content on packexpointernational.com, can provide the crucial primary connection during a time when customers are taking advantage of virtual opportunities. If you have any questions, reach out to the PMMI Show Department at 571-612-3200 or expo@pmmi.org.

Jefferson Davis is president of Competitive Edge, a highly-specialized consulting and training firm on a mission to inspire, lead, and direct businesses on how to more effectively use exhibiting to visibly support core business objectives and generate measurable financial value, far beyond cost.

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