PMMI, OpX Leadership Network, FPA Collaborate to Present a New Report on Transitioning Flexible Materials

This new report, produced by PMMI Media Group Custom Research, offers insights to packaging professionals navigating the dynamic landscape of flexible materials in manufacturing.

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As consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies take a closer look at sustainability goals, cost savings opportunities, product safety, regulatory compliance, and transitioning of flexible packaging materials has grown in importance, according to Best Practice: Transitioning Flexible Materials, a new report jointly produced by the Flexible Packaging Association (FPA), the OpX Leadership Network, and PMMI, The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies.

This new report is intended to be used by brand manufacturers as a guide to ensure the process of transitioning to different flexible materials is efficient and successful by involving relevant parties at the right time in the process, the report presents a framework for manufacturers, engineers, and decision-makers to optimize their processes.

The report guides users through the stages of transitioning flexible materials considering several key factors: feasibility; design; pilot; use of legacy equipment or purchase of new equipment; commissioning, qualification, verification (CQV); supply chain/scale-up; and evaluation and debrief. The matrix tool provided in the report assists stakeholders in reaping a range of benefits as they transition materials including cost savings, environmental sustainability, improved brand image and reputation, regulatory compliance, improved product quality and safety, and innovation.

"Our collaboration underscores the shared vision of PMMI, OpX Leadership Network, and FPA to drive transformative change in the manufacturing landscape," said Rebecca Marquez, director, Custom Research, PMMI. "This report encapsulates our dedication to empowering manufacturers with actionable strategies for harnessing the potential of flexible materials effectively."

Best Practice: Transitioning Flexible Materials is a cornerstone in the journey toward manufacturing excellence. “By merging expertise and experience, FPA together with PMMI and the OpX Leadership Network, has created an indispensable resource that equips professionals with the insights needed to navigate the complexities of flexible materials and elevate their manufacturing operations to unprecedented levels,” said Alison Keane, Esq., IOM, CAE, president and CEO, FPA.

To assist stakeholders in using this valuable tool, a hands-on, interactive workshop, Transitioning Materials in CPG Operations, will be offered at The Forum Stage on Tuesday, Sept. 12 from 3:30–4:15 p.m. during PACK EXPO Las Vegas (Sept. 11–13, 2023; Las Vegas Convention Center). Attendees registered for the show can attend this Forum Stage session free of charge.

In addition to this session, the show will feature Sustainability Central – a new show floor destination taking an expansive look into packaging sustainability and what it means to brands, including expert speakers, interactive content, and a look at actionable, sustainable innovations in manufacturing, materials, design, and more.

The OpX Leadership Network was founded in 2011 by PMMI to ensure CPG companies and OEMs are well connected and well prepared to solve common operational challenges, make smarter decisions, and achieve operational excellence.

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