Elevating Trade Show Strategies

Tips on How to 10x Your Investment at PACK EXPO International

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As we approach PACK EXPO International, the premier event for the packaging and processing industries, we must focus on a critical aspect of trade show success: setting appointments before, during, and after the show. With the buying landscape shifting dramatically this year, your approach to these interactions can make or break your success.

PACK EXPO International is not just an event; it's a pivotal moment to position your company for the upcoming year. With a diverse audience from various industries, standing out and making a lasting impression is more challenging than ever. How can you ensure you're not just another exhibitor but a standout presence that draws the right buyers?

The key lies in understanding the evolving purchasing landscape. Automation, sustainability, and the increasing complexity of buying groups have changed the game. More buyers seek a rep-free experience, leveraging technology for their purchasing needs. However, amidst these challenges, a golden opportunity exists to excel and gain a competitive edge.

You must rethink your approach to adapt to these changes and avoid becoming just another face in the crowd. Here are the essential strategies to revolutionize your trade show experience and maximize your return on investment:

  1. Systematic Approach to Year-Long Sales: Develop a structured system to engage trade show attendees throughout the year. Our USX process, consisting of four phases—Attract, Engage, Activate, and Develop—helps you identify and engage your ideal client continuously. This method ensures that every interaction adds value and builds towards a lasting relationship.
  2.  Sharpen Your Ideal Client Profile: Clarity is power. Understanding who your ideal client is and how you can uniquely serve them is crucial. This involves more than just showcasing your products; it's about demonstrating how your solutions alleviate their specific pain points. Your sales team needs to be adept at converting product features into solutions that address the real issues your clients face.
  3.   Embrace Social Media Engagement: The role of social media in sales has evolved. It's no longer just a marketing tool but a vital part of your sales strategy. Your team should be proactive on platforms where your target clients are active, using these channels to engage, inform, and attract potential buyers to your trade show exhibit. 
  4.  Create a Unique Sales Experience: At the show, your focus shouldn't be on your equipment or materials but on the job your visitors need to accomplish. Tailor your exhibit experience to address the full spectrum of their needs, showing how your solutions can impact their operations. Understand how your solution fits into the broader ecosystem of their needs, including areas you may not directly serve.

These strategies are just the beginning. Implementing them with your team is the first step towards transitioning to the next generation of trade show selling—what we refer to as "USX Trade Show Selling.”

The last five years have seen significant changes, from COVID-19 to advancements in AI, automation, and sustainability. Reflecting on how sales strategies have evolved over the past decades can provide valuable insights into the necessary adjustments for today's market.

To delve deeper into these strategies and learn how to implement them effectively, join us for our upcoming webinar “Elevating Trade Show Strategies: How to 10x Your Investment at PACK EXPO International.”  This webinar will provide a few key concepts and trade show methodology we’ve developed in our new “Successful Selling @ PACK EXPO” in-person course.

If you cannot attend the webinar, use this article as a discussion starter within your company. Develop a plan to upgrade all aspects of your trade show sales process, ensuring that you're prepared to meet the challenges and seize the opportunities of today's dynamic buying environment.

Remember, being unique and understanding your customers’ needs is the key to standing out in the crowded trade show environment. Embrace these changes, and you'll avoid being transactional and create a memorable and impactful presence at PACK EXPO International.